[Windows] Switch to Window

Starting from version 7.2, this keyword is available for Windows desktop application testing on Katalon Studio.


  • Description: Find and attach the opening application window that describes by the given windows object to the working WindowsDriver session on the current desktop.

    This keyword should be used when:

    • The main application window has been closed and replaced by another window.
    • The application has multiple working windows. We can switch among these windows.
    • We already have an opened application and need to switch to without reopening requires
  • Keyword name: switchToWindow

  • Keyword syntax: Windows.switchToWindow(windowsObject, flowControl)

  • Parameters:

    • Name: windowsObject
      • Description: An object that describes locator and locator strategy to find the opening application.
      • Parameter Type: WindowsTestObject.
      • Mandatory: Required.
    • Name: flowControl
      • Description: Used to control the step if the step failed.
        STOP_ON_FAILURE: throws a StepFailedException if the step failed (default).
        CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE: continue the test if the test failed but the test result is still failed.
        OPTIONAL: continue the test and ignore the test result.
      • Parameter Type: FailureHandling
      • Mandatory: optional
  • Returns: The WindowsDriver after Katalon Studio switches successfully.

  • Throw: StepFailedException if Katalon Studio could not find any window that matches with the given windows object.

  • Example:

    Windows.switchToWindow(findWindowsObject('Object Repository/Window'))