Troubleshoot common exceptions when executing Windows tests


  • To find the exceptions and errors you encountered, use Ctrl+F.
  • If you cannot find the exceptions or error message you encountered, you can leave a comment below for further support.
Issue Solution
Handling Splash screen
  • If your app has splash screens, do as follows:
    - Install WinAppDriver version 1.2 onwards. You can download the latest WinAppDriver version from the WinAppDriver Github project here: WinAppDriver.
    - Install Appium version 1.16.0 onwards. Follow the instruction in the Appium document to install the latest Appium version: Getting started.
    - In Katalon Studio, go to Project Settings > Desired capabilities > Windows and add this desired capability: "ms:waitForAppLaunch": "25"
  • If your app does not have splash screens, in the Application Title field, add the application title and start again.
  • To record your actions more easily, consider using Native Windows Recorder.
Timeout when launching Windows application 1. Close all unneeded apps and opened folders. Open Katalon Studio only.

2. Remove unused shortcuts on your desktop and your taskbar.

3. Use Windows.startApplication(…) instead of Windows.startApplicationWithTitle(…) 

Windows.startApplication('C:\\Users\\katalon\\Desktop\\Demo\\WindowsFormsApp.exe') Windows.switchToWindowTitle('Main App Title') // Replace this by your main window title
WinAppDriver could not sendKeys with correctly text when the default setting is German keyboard  Clone or download our demo project at our repository: German Windows test

Unable to Start Application

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