Sample projects overview


  • Katalon Studio installed and activated. To learn more about installing and activating Katalon Studio, you can refer to this document: Installation.

To help you get familiar with Katalon Studio capabilities, Katalon has created sample projects for each supported testing types. You can open those sample projects in Katalon Studio. Go to File/New Sample Projects and select a sample project for:

  • Web UI testing (Healthcare sample). You can learn more about the Healthcare sample project here: Healthcare sample.

  • Web UI testing with Data-driven testing (Shopping Cart sample). You can learn more about the Shopping Cart sample project here: Shopping Cart sample.

  • API testing. You can learn more about the API testing sample project here: Web Service testing sample.

  • Mobile testing, including Android and iOS sample projects. You can learn more about each type of Mobile testing sample projects in the following documents:

  • BDD (Cucumber) testing. You can learn more about the BDD (Cucumber) testing sample project here: BDD testing sample.

    Open sample projects in Katalon Studio

We also provide various sample projects for different testing purposes. To find and download our sample projects, you can visit our Github repository here: Katalon Studio sample projects.