Record Mobile Utility before 7.6

Follow these basic steps to get familiar with the Record & Playback features for Mobile Tests:

  1. Click on the New Test Case button on the main toolbar. Provide a name for your test case and click OK. An empty test case will be created. 

  2. Click on Record Mobile from the main toolbar.

  3. The Mobile Recorder dialog is displayed. Specify the information at Configuration section:


    Device NameThe smartphone to capture objects from. All of your connected devices should be displayed in this list.
    Application TypeKatalon Studio supports native (local) mobile devices and cloud-based Kobiton devices.
    Application FileThe absolute path to your mobile application file (.apk file for Android or .ipa file for iOS).

    Click Start when you're done with the settings.

  4. The specified mobile application will be deployed and opened on the real device. 

  5. The Device View dialog is displayed to show the current screenshot of your real device.
    All the mobile objects from that screenshot are analyzed and organized in a hierarchical view which could be found at All Objects section of the Mobile Recorderdialog.
    Click on any object from the hierarchical view and it is highlighted in Device View accordingly.

  6. After selecting the element, you can specify the actions to be executed at Possible Actions section.

  7. All of the define actions above will be recorded by Katalon Studio as displayed at Recorded Actions section.

    The recorded steps and related data are shown below for the actions of going to Google and searching for two keywords on the browser.

  8. You can Stop and Start another application if needed. When you are done with recording, click OK to save recorded actions into Katalon Studio.

  9. You will be prompted to save captured objects into Object Repository of Katalon Studio. Click OK to continue.

  10. Recorded objects and actions are saved in the test case as shown below.

  11. Select the mobile platform from the Run button on the main Toolbar to execute the script.  

  12. Specify the device for execution from the drop-down list and click OK.

  13. Katalon Studio will execute the mobile test with recorded steps accordingly.