Rally Integration

Katalon Studio allows you to link Katalon Studio test cases and view test execution results in Rally.


  • Katalon Studio version 7.0.0 onwards.
  • An active Katalon Studio Enteprise license. To learn more about activating your Katalon Studio license, you can refer to this document: Activate Katalon license.

Install the Rally Integration plugin

To download and install the Rally Integration plugin, you can go to the Katalon Store here: Rally Integration.

To activate the installed plugin, navigate to Account Settings in Katalon Studio and click Reload Plugin.

Configure Rally in Katalon Studio

Go to Project Setting > Plugins > Rally. Input the following information:

  • Rally URL: https://rally1.rallydev.com/.
  • API Key: the API key in Rally. To generate an API key in Rally, you can refer to the Broadcom documentation: Create an API key.
Enable Rally integration

Once connected successfully, Katalon retrieves your available workspaces from Rally. Choose the Rally workspace you want to work on.

Map test cases between Katalon Studio and Rally

Katalon Studio provides an easy way to map a Katalon test case to an existing Rally test case. Follow these steps:

In Rally

To view the test case ID, open your project in Rally, then go to Quality > Test Cases. Here you can see the list of test cases and their IDs.

Test case ID in Rally

In Katalon Studio

Open the test case you wish to link to Rally. Switch to the Integration tab, and specify the respective Test Case ID in Rally. For example:

Map KS test case with Rally

Upload test execution results to Rally

To upload test execution results to Rally, do as follows:

  1. Create a new test suite/test suite collection.
  2. Add the mapped test cases to a test suite/test suite collection.
  3. Execute the test suite/test suite collection.

The test suite/test suite collection results are uploaded to Rally accordingly.

Map KS test case with Rally

To view results in Rally, in the Rally dashboard, open the linked Rally test cases, switch to the Results tab.

View results in Rally