Proxy Preferences

From Katalon Studio version 7.5.0 onwards, the proxy is divided into two categories: Authentication and System proxies. You can apply different proxy configurations for connecting to the Katalon server and your servers during testing.

Please go to Katalon Studio > Preferences > Katalon > Proxy and select the Authentication or System section for the corresponding proxy configuration of each type.

Authentication Proxy

The proxy configurations in this section are used when connecting and authenticating to Katalon servers. This affects account authentication, Katalon TestOps, TestCloud, Store integration, the Katalon auto-updater, WebDriver auto-updater, sample projects providers, and more.

Authentication proxy

System Proxy

System proxy configurations are applied to all network connections generated when using Katalon Studio, including but not limited to recording, spying, executing tests, integrating with other tools, and downloading Web Drivers or Android SDK.

System proxy

Proxy Settings

In the Proxy Settings areas of both Authentication and System proxies, you can select one of the three options below.

  • No proxy: Connect directly without proxy.

  • Use system proxy configuration: Katalon Studio guesses which proxy server your system is behind by checking Java, browser and operating system settings, and environment variables.

  • Manual proxy configuration: you can manually set up your proxy with the following settings:

    • Address: an HTTP Proxy host
    • Port: an HTTP Proxy port
    • Excludes: A list of addresses separated by comma to exclude

    The ability to exclude proxy is available from version 7.2.0 onwards. Katalon Studio only supports proxy exceptions in web recorder and spy utilities with Chrome and Firefox.

proxy settings

System proxy for the desired capabilities of a test execution

Katalon Studio applies the system proxy to the desired capabilities of a test execution on the instance automatically. If you wish to configure different proxy settings depending on your projects, you can use desired capabilities as follows:

  1. Open your project and go to Katalon Studio > Preferences > Katalon > Proxy > System.

  2. At the bottom of the displayed view, uncheck the Auto-apply to test execution desired capabilities option and click OK to save.

    uncheck proxy for desired capabilities
  3. Go to Project/Settings/Desired Capabilities and select a testing environment.

  4. Specify proxy details and click OK to save.

    For example:

    use proxy for desired capabilities

Override proxy details in the test script

From version 7.0.0 onwards, Katalon Studio supports an option to pass proxy details via a request object in Web Service testing. Below is an example:

RequestObject requestObject = findTestObject("google")
ProxyInformation proxyInfo = new ProxyInformation();

The proxy information passed in the request object takes precedence over the proxy information set in Preferences.

Another workaround to override proxy details in script mode is to get your current proxy format, then pass your new proxy information in. You can refer to the example below:

Override Proxy details workaround
import com.kms.katalon.core.configuration.RunConfiguration 

// Get current proxy information 
ProxyInformation proxy = RunConfiguration.getProxyInformation() 

// Switch proxy 
Map<String, Object> generalProperties = RunConfiguration.getExecutionGeneralProperties(); 
generalProperties.put(RunConfiguration.PROXY_PROPERTY, new Gson().toJson(proxy)); 
println proxy

// Switch back to no_proxy 
Map<String, Object> generalProperties = RunConfiguration.getExecutionGeneralProperties(); generalProperties.put(RunConfiguration.PROXY_PROPERTY, new Gson().toJson(proxy)); 

println proxy

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