Manage Test Project

Where to create your tests?

Choose the location for your test where you have all Read & Write permission. Don't store your projects in the Katalon build folder.

Create a test project

  1. Select File > New > Project from the main menu. In the displayed New Project dialog, choose a desired project type.

  2. Specify NameLocation, and Description for the new project and click OK.

    Katalon will generate a project accordingly.

Open an existing test project

  1. Select File > Open Project from the menu. Browse to the folder where your project is located and select it.

  2. You can also quickly open recent test project by selecting from a list displayed under the File menu:

Refresh project

If the project files have been modified and they are yet to be reflected in Katalon Studio, you can refresh project to show up-to-date information, as illustrated below:

Clean up project

You can free up disk space by removing temporary files generated by Katalon Studio.These temporary files are stored in the following location in your machine:

OS Temp files' location
Windows C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\Katalon
Mac /tmp/Katalon

Select Clean... under the File menu as illustrated below:

Delete project

To delete a project, simply close Katalon Studio and delete the directory on the file system.