JMeter Integration (Discontinued Support)

Discontinued support of this plugin in version 7.0.0

You can integrate Katalon Studio with Apache JMeter for API/Web Service testing in 2 ways:

Use JMeter Integration plugin

Visit our Store to download the plugin and learn more about its details.

Learn how to install a plugin.

Manually integrate JMeter with Katalon Studio

You can integrate JMeter with Katalon Studio yourself by following this tutorial.

  1. Install Gradle. Please follow the official instruction by Gradle.

  2. Pull JMeter dependency.

  • Create a build.gradle file in your project
  • Run the following command to download Jmeter dependencies: gradle katalonCopyDependencies.
  1. Create JMeter Runner.
  • Download JMeter > Extract the bin folder in the Include directory of a Katalon Studio project.
  • In Include/scripts/groovy, create JMeterRunner (JMeter Runner configuration class) and KatalonSamplerClient, which will execute Katalon test cases and return test results.
  1. Once JMeter is ready, you can run your project.
  • Define a custom Jmeter keyword, which will create a new JMeterRunner when the keyword is called.
  • Create a test case.
  • Call the Jmeter keyword then wait for the results.

You can download a sample project using JMeter to perform API testing in Katalon Studio.