Integrate AWS CodeBuild with Katalon Docker Image


  • buildspec.yml: The buildspec file is YAML-formatted and is used to store build commands. You can get this file from our GitHub repository: Katalon Studio Samples.

    buildspec file with .yml extension

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Valid Katalon API key: You can generate API keys via:

    • Katalon TestOps

    • Command generator in Katalon Studio.

    Refer to Generate API keys for more information about API key generation.

  • Secret Manager: The Secret Manager protects the Katalon API key. To learn more about creating secret keys, refer to the following AWS documentation:

  • Katalon license: You must have a valid license to run Katalon tests. For more information on licenses, refer to Katalon license types.

  • You must be able to integrate your codebuild with Katalon TestOps to generate reports. You must also be connected to a repository (for example GitHub) so that you can push your codebuild project. Refer to TestOps Integration for more details.

Create an AWS codebuild

To create an AWS codebuild, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Amazon Web Services, search for AWS CodeBuild, and go to the CodeBuild service.

    search for code build

    The CodeBuild page appears.

    code build page on display
  2. Click Create build project.

    Details of the project appear. Fill in the following information.

    Project Configuration

    project configuration


    source details



    When filling the fields in the Environment section, ensure that you select the Privileged checkbox if you wish to build Docker images or provide your builds with elevated privileges.

     environment details

    Environment (Additional Configuration)


    The Timeout and Queued timeout fields are pre-populated and you can change them as per your requirement.


    code buildspec file
  3. Click Create Build Project.

    A Project created message displays accordingly. Click Start build.

    code build project created
  4. Click Build logs to monitor the build progress.

    code build test run logs
  5. Once the codebuild is complete, you can view its report in Katalon TestOps.

    test run report calendar

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    test ops report run details

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