API/Web Service Project

Katalon Studio supports API/Web Service testing project, which allows separating the API/Web Service testing from Web UI and Mobile testing. You can also perform more API/Web Service automation tasks on Katalon Studio such as Quickstart wizard, Import Swagger or WSDL definition File/URL directly, or retrieve Request history at any time.

The update comes with a interface, including a toolbar and a view that serve only for API/Web Service testing. To create a New API/Web Service Project, select API/Web Service type in New Project dialog and specify all required project information.


 The main toolbar contains API/Web Service testing related features only to help you navigate around the app easily and intuitively.

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Request History Panel

Same with a Katalon Project, the left column now have Request History view where all the sent requests are saved here. You can freely access and retrieve them to work or save as a request object in the Object Repository.

To learn more about API, refer to chapter 3 of our Katalon Academy course: How to Utilize API for Effective Test Execution.