Essential Plugins Bundle

The Essential Plugins Bundle allows you to choose any five plugins (Corporate licenses) for one year of free trial.

Add plugins to your bundle

Go to Essential Plugins Collection tab in My Account and choose plugins you want to add to your bundle.

Note: You can add five plugins (6 licenses per plugin) to your bundle as maximum.

Please review and check the list carefully as you are not allowed to remove the plugins once you have added to the list.

View and Manage the essential plugins

After being added, the plugins will be displayed in Orders tab in My Account under Essential Plugins Bundle category.

Invite users

  1. Choose the plugin in which you want to manage members
  2. Enter your team member’s Katalon account into the textbox

Note: You can add up to 6 members to co-use each plugin.

Remove users

  1. In the list of members, click the x icon next to the Katalon email account you want to remove from the list
  2. The plugin will be removed from the selected account.