Katalon Recorder vs Selenium IDE

The 60-Second Elevator Pitch

  • Katalon Recorder provides faster time-to-value than Selenium IDE. You can start automating instantly, without having to create a project, or specifying a URL. Overtime, this small difference compounds to be a huge time-saver.
  • Katalon Recorder runs directly on your current tab. This allows you to seamlessly combine manual and automated steps in your workflow. In comparison, Selenium IDE requires a brand new tab for every execution.
  • Katalon Recorder enables you to keep track of execution results. You can view your execution results and share them with other people through our free TestOps integration.
  • Katalon Recorder has consistent development efforts, dedicated community and support. We have a team professionally motivated to improve the product, listen and help fix to your problems.


Below are the comparison between Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE:

Items Katalon Recorder Selenium IDE Notes
Time To First Value
  • KR: users are able to start recording tests on the current tab immediately

  • S.IDE: users must create/open a project, specify a URL and then start recording

Test structures
  • KR: supports test suites and test cases

  • S.IDE: There is a little bit hard to manage test suites/test cases

Drag and Drop
  • KR: Drag and drop to arrange test suites, test cases, and test steps

  • S.IDE: Drag and drop to arrange test steps

Record actions
Dashboard KR enables dashboard view with TestOps
Data-Driven Testing KR supports CSV, JSON as data sources
Extension Scripts KR allows developers to add custom locators and actions
User Guides
Manual add a test step
Playback Both support pause and resume
Skip a step
Run in parallel
Run in CI S.IDE supports Command-line runner
Control flow
Support multiple browsers
Export test scripts