Katalon TestOps 2022 Releases

Latest Release - May 9th, 2022

New features

  • Implemented the new design for Project Dashboard, adding new dashboards (Productivity and Quality). See: Introduction to TestOps Dashboard.
  • Introduced two AI-powered features for visual testing (two additional comparison methods supported by AI engine). See: Visual Testing Overview.


  • [Integration] Enabled compatibility for Jira version 8.19.1 with Katalon TestOps adds-on.
  • [UI/UX] Separated Visual Testing from Reports module. Visual Testing has now become an independent module on TestOps.
  • [UI/UX] In the Test Runs page, added filters for operating system and browser with their corresponding columns in the All Test Runs grid .

March 29th

New features

  • Introduced the Test Runs Overview module. See: Test Runs Overview.

  • Allowed access to a demo site from the organization's dashboard.

  • Introduced onboarding tours for key TestOps functionalities.


  • [UI/UX] Disabled the Survey Monkey in the Test Run Details page.

  • [Script Repository] Required username and PAT input when creating a new Git script repository.

  • [UI/UX] Retained the state of previous page in the Test Suite Details page.

  • [UI/UX] In the Schedule Test Run dialog, when choosing Test Suite for type:

    • Added Chrome (headless) and Firefox (headless) options in the Run with dropdown list.
    • Removed the currently-selected TestCloud platforms if choosing a different browser from the Run with dropdown list.
  • [UI/UX] Allowed automatic navigation to the TestOps folder in which the new Test Suite has just been created.

  • [Administration] Introduced the new license types. See: Sunsetting plan for node-locked and floating licenses.

February 28th

New features


  • [Test Suite Management] Enabled test suite deletion.
  • [UX/UI] [Test Suite] Allowed script repository to be indicated under loading.
  • Disabled .zip script repository uploads for unused projects.
  • [UX/UI] [Schedule Test Run] Appended path to test suite name when scheduling test run with Test Suite type.
  • [UX/UI] [Schedule Test Run] Made TestCloud as default option in environment selection.


  • Resolved security bugs.

January 20th

New features


  • [Integration] Enabled users to merge existing test results when configuring a new script repository integration.
  • [Test Case Management] Enabled the script repository folder refresh in the directory view.
  • [UX/UI] Enabled users to resize the test management directory view.
  • [UX/UI] Indicated that the script repository is loading.
  • [TestCloud] Displayed Trial tag for TestCloud environment option when scheduling test runs.