Katalium Server - The power-up for Selenium Grid

Katalium Server is a set of enhancements to improve your experience with Selenium Grid. It aims at eliminating DevOps efforts required to configure, deploy, and maintain a Selenium Grid. Monitoring and debugging are made easy with real-time screenshots and information captured automatically.

Katalium Server can also run as a Standalone (single) server in development mode.

Current features

  • Automatically detect versions of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge).
  • Automatically download and install compatible WebDrivers.
  • Capture screenshots of browsers started by the Grid.


Please suggest new features at https://forum.katalon.com.

Katalium is open-sourced at https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalium.

Katalium Server is open-sourced at https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalium-server.

The sample project is available at https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalium-sample.